What is Viral Marketing?

Every manufacturer, producer or service provider needs consumers’ comments, opinions and suggestions in order to get better. Actually, it should be the pride of goods and services providers to satisfy their clients, in that case, viral marketing is the advanced marketing tool that involves the participation and contribution of the mass.

The techniques has enabled companies to persuade individuals to forward on their behalf the publicity materials online through emails, social sites and other interactive sites in order to attract human traffic initiate conversation.

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The fad and craze that is caused by this marketing strategy is amazing. It generates word-of-mouth hype among different people, those who are familiar with the advertised products and services and the rest who learn of it from the publicity it acquires.

Experience has shown that viral marketing that is conveyed through word of mouth undergoes a lot of distortion and exaggeration that really alter the intended purpose. Whatever the medium of interaction used to pass over this marketing technique, its content should always remain relevant and accurate.

Interactive flash games, video clips, software, text messages, ebooks and images are other mediums that have been exploited to implement this marketing tool.

However, experts still insist that for companies to realize desired results, they should first put necessary measures and trained personnel that are competent enough to read and interpret the mood of specific market situation. They also propose that adequate expertise consultation is necessary in prior and during the entire execution. Nevertheless, the success of viral marketing tool depends on three major components namely the message, messenger and environment.

The message to be shared from one person to the other should always be interesting and memorable. Dull and boring messages will never go far; therefore, individuals entrusted with the duty to create and compose such messages should be skilled enough to avail infectious content that is easy and fun to share. Consistent research and ability to read the mind and needs of the target mass or customers is highly needed for one to deliver on this enormous task.

The messenger sits at the heart of this marketing strategy. After the message is created, the next task is for the messenger to turn the ordinary message into a viral content. For the message to cause desired publicity, three types of messengers are needed, the sales people, social hubs and market mavens.

Each of the above messengers has distinct tasks, for instance, the market mavens are the information specialists, who usually get the message first and post it to their social networks. Social hubs are the engine of social interaction. They have exceptional large number of friends and associates in the social networks; actually, they are the ones who act as bridges or connectors between various people. Therefore, for viral marketing to achieve the desired success, reputable and reliable social hubs are highly recommendable. Salespeople are the creative individuals who get the message from market maven and tune it to suit their prospect targets.

Although, they do not distort the message, their amplified version is normally persuasive and relevant. After working on the message, they pass it over to the social hub for distribution because of their inability to reach many people as compared to the social hub.

The third component is the environment. Environment plays significant role for this marketing strategy. Actually, its success entirely depends on the fluctuations of the environment. For instance, small environmental changes may lead to major results. Again, people are very sensitive to environment, therefore, the timing and execution of viral marketing should be right.

Of essence, individuals should understand that this type of marketing is entirely based on three main principles. First of all, social profile gathering should be extensively done in order to get the best social interactive platforms. Secondly, adequate proximity market analysis is fundamental in working out the viability of the project and lastly, real-time keyword density scrutiny is essential in winning publicity for the message.